NiMCO Corporation offers many different efficient and economical machine models to fill an array of products into paperboard cartons with volumes of 4 ounces through 5 liters at speeds ranging from 4 up to 125 cartons per minute (speeds are subject to product, fill volume and carton variations). Machines are available with a variety of filler options for liquid, dry, volumetric, or net weight dispensing.  Dual cross-section machines are offered to fill mini & quart, quart & half-gallon, 1 liter & 2-liter sizes as well as half-gallon & gallon or 2 liter & 5-liter combinations.

CAP PAC® Spout Applicators are available for most machines. Manufactured in the USA, each machine is designed to meet the requirements of small, medium, and large production facilities. NiMCO Corporation’s machines have the smallest footprints in the industry allowing for more space on your shop floor.

Our Mission

To provide reliable and affordable USA manufactured
Gable-Top Form, Fill and Seal machinery systems.

Why Choose the NiMCO Corporation?

NiMCO Corporation is a worldwide leading independent manufacturer of Gable-Top packaging machinery. We provide the best packaging equipment with the best service and support. NiMCO is the only family-owned USA manufacture of Gable-Top Packaging Equipment. Our NiMCO machines can be customized to the customers’ requirements.

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