Mini Cross Section Cartons
57 x 57 mm / 2.25 x 2.25 in

Realization of the impact of plastics on the environment has driven many companies to look to alternative packaging solutions.  Minimizing an ecological footprint while maximizing customer appeal is paramount when considering a viable packaging alternative.  Many water, juice, and other liquid producers turn to the Mini Carton Cross-Section for the answer to their packaging needs.  This package is a great alternative to plastic containers, and NiMCO has the perfect solution for your packaging needs, whether you are at the test market phase, entry level, or are stepping up production to fill that large customer base.  Explore the machine systems below and choose the perfect solution for your packaging needs.  As always, NiMCO sales associates are ready to answer any questions you may have.

Model Maximum Output - Cartons per Hour CAP-PAC Spout Applicator Ultra Clean
250-330 ml 500 ml
180E 600 600 Inquire Inquire
280E 1500 1200 Inquire Inquire
355E 2100 1800 Optional Optional
565E 3300 3000 Optional Optional
5110E 6000 5000 Optional Optional
5125E 6500 6000 Optional Optional
Output speed is dependent on product and carton characteristics as well as optional equipment.
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